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The (Nearly) Lost Art of Poaching an Egg

It's not the most popular way to cook eggs. In fact, you can't always find them on restaurant menus, and there are many breakfast-lovers who've never even tasted the delicious wonder of a perfectly poached egg. Yeah, it's an egg, so you know what to expect, but a good poached egg is somewhat dissimilar from its scrambled, sunny or hard-boiled counterparts. Poached eggs are a literal combination of the hard-boiled and fried cooking methods, but they offer a taste unlike anything else.

There are several ways to poach an egg, but the easiest is to break an egg and slide it into boiling water, just as you would a fried egg onto a hot pan. Although a bit of excess whites will float to the top, the majority of the egg white will cling to the yolk, and you'll want to cook it until the white portion has solidified but the yolk is still runny. Add some toast, salt and pepper, and you're in for a one-of-a-kind egg experience.

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