How to Carve Meat

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After the menu has been planned, the groceries bought, the table set, and the cooking done, one of the more formidable tasks involved in holiday meals and dinner parties still remains -- carving the meat. To help you carve the main attraction like a pro, follow the helpful guidelines in this article. We've even provided illustrations to help you see exactly where you should be cutting.

Basic Carving Tips

These suggestions will help in the carving process no matter what type of meat you're facing:

  • Allow enough time before serving not only for cooking the meat, but for
    stand time and carving.

  • A stand time of 10 to 20 minutes is recommended for large cuts of meat,
    such as roasts, turkeys, and whole chickens. Stand time allows the meat to finish cooking. Meat is easier to carve after standing. If meat is carved immediately out of the oven, it loses more of its flavorful juices.

    The temperatures given for removing meat and poultry from the oven are
    °F to 10°F lower than the standard final temperatures. This is because
    the temperature continues to rise during the stand time.

    During the stand time, put the finishing touches on the salad and side dishes. This is also a good time to make the gravy.

  • Unless you are planning on carving at the table, place the meat on a large cutting board with a well at one end to hold the juice. (Or, place a cutting board inside a baking sheet. The juice will collect in the baking sheet.)

  • Use a long, sharp carving knife to slice the meat and a long-handled meat fork to steady the meat.

The next section offers tips on carving boneless roasts.

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