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Skinning Chicken

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Using skinless chicken pieces in recipes has gained in popularity. Skinning the chicken before cooking can reduce fat and make a dish easier to eat and enjoy.

Removing the skin also can help the chicken meat more readily absorb the flavors of
marinades and cooking sauces.

If you want to skin chicken, it's best to use cold chicken. Cold chicken is easier to skin, so plan ahead.

  1. Freeze the chicken pieces just until firm, but not hard. For safety reasons, make sure that you do not refreeze thawed chicken.

  2. Grasp the skin with a clean cotton kitchen towel to improve your grip. You can also use a clean piece of paper towel, if you want an easy throw-away method. Take the towel and pull the skin away from the meat. Be sure to discard the skin.

    A kitchen towel or sheet of paper towel improves your grip.
    A kitchen towel or sheet of paper towel improves your grip.

  3. When finished skinning the chicken, launder the towel before using it again.

Now that you've skinned your chicken, you may want to take it a step further and debone it. Learn how on the next page.

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