Questions about Cooking Chicken

Chicken is a nutritious lean meat and a tasty addition to any meal.
Chicken is a nutritious lean meat and a tasty addition to any meal.
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Chicken has become an economical, versatile, readily available main dish for most American families.

When Herbert Hoover coined his campaign slogan, "a chicken in every pot," he was promising average people something special. Back then, chicken was not a common purchase at the grocery store. It was a treat only enjoyed by farm families and the wealthy.

Chicken is high in protein yet low in fat and cholesterol, with a delicious flavor that makes it a popular choice for healthy, hearty eating. Check out these common chicken questions and tips to get you started:

Poultry Facts

Knowing the differences between types of chicken can help you make the right selection for your menu. Find a basic guide to help you with your choices.

How to Use a Bag of Chicken Breasts

A bag of frozen chicken breasts can't be beat for convenience and preparation. Learn tips and ideas to help with meal planning.

What are Jerk Seasoning and Chicken Tenders?

Ever wondered what spices go into jerk seasoning, or what part of the chicken the "tender" is? Find the answers here.

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