Things You Can Make With a Can of Black Beans

A can of black beans might not seem like much, but you'll be surprised by the diverse assortment of dishes it can make.


Black beans are popular legumes with Latin American roots. They're high in protein and contain cholesterol-lowering fiber, making them a true modern-day superfood. Whether they're puréed, mashed or chilled, black beans are a delicious way to make an otherwise light dish hearty and satisfying, and at less than $1 a can, they're inexpensive, too.

Since black beans are available year-round, they're easily accessible and a great addition to any meal, whether you're planning a dinner party, tailgate menu or making a sweet treat for the kids. In fact, you can make almost any kind of food with a can of black beans. We know, it's hard to believe they're so versatile, but over the course of this list, we'll show you just how adaptable black beans can be.

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