10 Things You Wouldn't Think Would Be Good with Chocolate -- But Are

Are chocolate-covered potatoes on the list? See more chocolate pictures.

Willy Wonka may have developed a number of unusual chocolate-covered inventions at his famous factory, but even his strangest confections can't beat some real-life combinations people are trying. What's even stranger is that some are catching on.

That's right -- chocolate, our favorite mood-boosting, endorphin-releasing concoction is now being blended with everything from mushrooms to meat. It seems that anything can become dessert, even the most obscure of flora and fauna.

With so many new chocolates to try, it can be daunting to make each calorie count. Couture candy boutiques are popular spots to indulge in these fun treats, but we've also explored the availability of less elitist, more accessible must-try chocolate combinations. Even celebrity chefs are getting in on the act.

As Willy Wonka said from the depths of his chocolate factory: "Little surprises are around every corner... but nothing dangerous. Don't be alarmed."