Soup and Chili Recipes Channel

Soups & Chilies are a welcome treat to a cold day or to comfort a sick family member, but they can also be the main attraction for a lighter meal.

Broths & Stock are technically different. A broth is the finished product whereas a stock - made by simmering various ingredients in water - is the base to make a broth. A stock can become a broth.

Chilis are generally combinations of beans, tomatoes and their sauces and some type of meat (this of course is optional). Chilis can range from nuclear hot to a gentle pepper flavor, and everything in between.

Chowders are thicker soups, usually enriched with flour or crackers to give it that extra bite. Seafood is a common ingredient in chowders such as clam chowder.

Soups are mixtures of water and virtually any type of vegetable and/or meat. Some soups add an additional cream-base.

Stews are typically hearty soups with a thicker, meatier and chunkier consistency since the ingredients are not as finely chopped. The bases used to make stews may not be as watered down either.