10 Foods That Contain Antibiotics

Sad to know that nice spread of creamy butter may contain antibiotics, thanks to the dairy cows it comes from. Hue/amanaimagesRF/Thinkstock

The butter products industry keeps ping-ponging around all over the place. In my lifetime alone, we've gone from butter to margarine back to butter again, based on various studies and other medical determinations regarding risk factors of these products. Although butter does contain some nutritional value (it's been found, for instance to contain a compound that protects you from tumor growth and cancer), many brands are under fire for having antibiotics contained in their creamy depths. That's thanks to the fact that the butter is produced using milk from dairy cows, which as we learned earlier are given antibiotics [source: Hari].

Your pancakes and muffins don't have to suffer, thankfully. Simply choose organic grass-fed or non-organic grass-fed butter the next time you hit the grocery aisle. Dragging great-grandma's churn out of the attic just seems like too much work!

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