10 Things You Wouldn't Think Would Be Good with Chocolate -- But Are

How do you like your fungus?
How do you like your fungus?

Hippies with discriminating palates started the trend of dipping magic mushrooms in chocolate for more pleasant consumption, but they probably never anticipated that their Alice in Wonderland treats would someday inspire couture chocolatiers. The reputed mystical and medicinal properties of mushrooms (even the legal kind) capture imaginations and inspire stories; their dry, dusty flavors accent cuisines across the globe. How could a chocolate maker resist?

Organic forest flavor doesn't come cheap, though. Vosges' Enchanted Mushroom is a handcrafted 1.3 pound toadstool, filled with a soft blend of chocolate, hazelnut and ground reishi mushroom, finished and decorated with a colorful fondant-like coating. Considering the $75 price tag, we'd be tempted to display this whimsical piece rather than eat it.

It's an odd and rare combination (even for the most dedicated mushroom hunters), but you can still try it without breaking the bank. Reishi and Cordyceps varieties grace a small variety of lower-budget bars and hot cocoas, combined with other flavors to neutralize the earthy musk [source: Fungi Perfecti].