10 Ways to Spice Up Your Pasta


Cream Sauce

The final classic sauce of the Italian triumvirate is the cream sauce. There are many types, but alfredo (white) and vodka cream (pink) sauces are the mainstay. Neither one is very light on the calories because copious amounts of butter, heavy cream and cheese are involved. Like with marinara and pesto, you can add plenty of fresh oregano and basil to your alfredo sauce. Spinach is another addition that can spice up the classic white sauce. Onion, tomato and, yes, vodka are added to butter and cream for the pink sauce. Vodka cream sauces are more likely to have some hot spice added than the alfredo sauce. Alfredo sauce goes great with fettuccini and some grilled chicken, and the tubular penne pasta is most commonly served with vodka sauce. Serving salmon with vodka cream sauce is another favorite.