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17 Obscure Brands of Soda Pop

Obscure Soda Pop Brands, 7-17

From Hemp Soda to Pickle Juice "Sport," the remaining items on our list of obscure soda pop brands truly run the gamut.

7. Leninade

With slogans like, "A taste worth standing in line for," and "A drink for the masses!" you can guess that there's some humor behind this "Simple Soviet Style Soda." Produced by the Lenin Company, the fruity taste pleased communists and noncommunists alike -- so much so that you can still find it online.


8. Hemp Soda

Ah, the mid-1990s, when alternative music actually meant something and everyone was discovering hemp-based products. This "herbal" soda was produced in 1996 and featured a large hemp leaf on the can. The beverage can still be ordered online from the manufacturer "Designer Food."

9. Nesbitt's Orange Soda

The Nesbitt Orange Soda Company was founded in 1938 in Los Angeles and produced its famous beverage for 40 years. Real orange zest settles to the bottom of this classic orange soda that is still available online and in some stores.

10. Brain Wash Blue

If you have trouble placing the flavor of this soda, don't feel too bad. Jalape-o oil doesn't go into many mainstream beverages, which is perhaps why this small batch soda, courtesy of Skeleteens, hasn't hit it big. If you dare give it a try, it's available online.

11. Tab Clear

If you blinked in 1993, you missed Tab Clear. The Coca-Cola Company tried to hop on the clear-cola bandwagon, (remember Crystal Pepsi?) but less than a year after its introduction, Tab Clear was pulled. Original Tab is still going strong.

12. Flathead Lake Monster

The North American Beverage Company developed this line of boutique sodas and named them for a monster said to live in Flathead Lake, Montana. Flavors include Huckleberry and Wild White Grape, among others. Limited distribution has kept these sodas obscure, though the beverages have a solid fan base.

13. Gay Energy Cola Drink

In the never-ending quest to zero in on and exhaust the consumer habits of a particular demographic, POWER Drinks, S.L. produced this energy drink several years ago. If you find a can of this beverage, you should keep it as a collector's item -- they don't make it anymore.

14. Pickle Juice "Sport"

This soda, conceived by Golden Beverages, Inc., isn't just the same color as pickle juice, it actually tastes like pickle juice, too. Carbonated pickle juice that is. Neither the Original Flavor nor the Sport flavor has sold well, and therefore, Pickle Juice is not easy to find in stores, but it is available online.

15. Orbitz

The folks at Clearly Canadian were so successful with their flavored sparkling water that they decided to take a risk. Possibly inspired by bubble teas found in Japan, Orbitz drinks featured gelatin balls floating in semi-colloidal, fruit-flavored water. Orbitz resembled a lava lamp and tasted like something you immediately never wanted to taste again.

16. Nuky Rose Soda

This light pink soda from the Florida-based Nuky Corporation smells and tastes like perfume. After all, it's made from rose petals.

17. Abali "Yogurt Original Flavor" Soda

Carbonated dairy products might be obscure to the Western world, but yogurt sodas are very popular in the Middle East, especially in Iran and Afghanistan. Most yogurt sodas are naturally carbonated, due to the magic of fermentation.


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