10 Recipes Starring Your Steak Leftovers

Don't let your delicious, expensive steak go to waste. See pictures of how to grill steak.

Steak is a classic eyes-bigger-than-your-stomach food. Everybody thinks they can reach deep inside themselves and take it to the next level to finish that 18- or 24-ounce mouthwatering monster, but more often than not, everyone has to push away their plates, loosen their belts and go take a nap face-down on the couch. Leftovers happen.

It's tempting to slip the leftovers to a faithful dog (just look at those begging eyes!), but steak, especially the bones that often come with it, can be dangerous for dogs to eat. Gnawed t-bone shards can lacerate canine digestive tracts, fat chunks can cause pancreatitis and the garlic and onions that often accompany steak can cause anemia and liver problems even in their powdered form. Better to slip it into a doggie bag than directly into a dog.

But leftover steak? Terrible things happen to steaks in the dark of the refrigerator. What was yesterday's perfectly charred, tender, juicy sirloin is as tasteless and tough as a catcher's mitt after a night in fridge.

It doesn't have to end like that. Next up, we'll look at 10 ways to resurrect steak leftovers and turn them into something tasty again.