Top 5 Stinkiest Cheeses


One of the more commonly known names in the realm of stinky cheeses, Limburger is a bit notorious: It was cited as the motivation for Teresa Ludwig's attempted suicide back in 1885. The New Yorker tried to throw herself off of a pier, supposedly because of her husband's constant Limburger consumption. The cheese originated in what was once known as the Duchy of Limburg, an area that now includes parts of Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany. Today, it is primarily produced in Germany; Wisconsin's Chalet Cheese Co-op is the only remaining factory in the U.S. that still makes it.

Limburger's smell is often compared to sweaty feet, which makes sense when you learn that the bacteria it's fermented with -- b-linens -- is also found on the human body and is responsible for creating foot odor. Those with a strong enough stomach to move past this cheese's aroma will discover a nutty flavor and a buttery texture, which go well with sliced apples and pears as well as a pale ale, stout or merlot.

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