Ultimate Guide to the Basilicata Wine Region

Famous Wines of the Basilicata Wine Region

The list of famous wines in Basilicata is a short one. In fact, most people would probably stop­ it at one, Aglianico del Vulture. Made from Aglianico grapes and born on the slopes of a volcano, it is a favorite not only among locals, but all over Italy and many parts of the world as well. In other words, if Basilicata handed out a lifetime achievement award to one of its wines, it would undoubtedly be bestowed upon Anglianico del Vulture. It was the first wine from the region to be given a DOC designation [source: McCarthy]. Aglianico is a red wine, as are most of the wines produced in Basilicata.

That first DOC designation came in 1971 and Basilicata would have to wait another 32 years before being awarded with another. People from the region got together and started pushing for a DOC classification for Terra dell'Alta Val d'Agri and in 2003, their efforts paid off. Aglianico del Vulture was no longer Basilicata's sole DOC wine -- Terra dell'Alta Val d'Agri was joining the party. Terra dell'Alta Val d'Agri comes in three different types: rose, red and red reserve [source: Terre dell'Alta Val d'Agri].

In the wake of Terra dell'Alta Val d'Agri's success, another area was able to capture the attention of the wine world and in 2005, Matera was honored with a DOC denomination as well [source: Vino Matera]. Matera comes in six different types, with three reds (Rosso, Primitivo and Moro) and, less common for the region, three whites (Greco, Bianco and Spumante).

While both Terra dell'Alta Val d'Agri and Matera are considered to be of high quality, wine growers producing them have a long road ahead if they hope to achieve the same type of recognition, respect and legendary status that Anglianico del Vulture has received.

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