Ultimate Guide to the Veneto Wine Region

Famous Wines of the Veneto Wine Region

The wines that flow out of Veneto are as different as the individual zones within the region. Veneto produces red wines and white, and there are wines that hearken back to the earliest most traditional wines known to man and wines that are made from techniques just discovered in the last few decades.

Let's start with the classics. Soave, made from the Garganega grape, is the region's most popular white wine [source: Veneto Chamber of Commerce]. Another classic wine from Veneto is Valpolicella, which is created using the more traditional method of drying the grapes no more than a few weeks [Source: Vintages].

Amarone is currently the most talked about wine from the Veneto region [source: Veneto Chamber of Commerce]. This exciting new take on wine creation has the wine world talking. Although the process of making Amarone differs only in that the grapes are dried for months at a time before they are juiced, the difference is extremely noticeable. This extra drying creates an intense, flavorful wine with fuller bodies than most other types of wine. The process can be applied to nearly any type of grape with equally exciting results.

Amarone is not the only new wine from the regio­n, people are also buzzing about Ripasso [source: Vintages]. For this particular wine, they take unpressed skins and brew them in with a Valpolicella. Adding these fresh grapes to the already made wine tricks the drink into fermenting again. After this second fermentation, you have Ripasso, a louder, more powerful take on Valpolicella.

To try to list all the great wines of Veneto, would be harder than counting all the grapes in a large vineyard. So we've just looked at a few types in this article. But for more information about Veneto and wine-related topics, visit the links below.

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