Top 10 Classic Holiday Foods



Talk about a classic holiday food. Have you ever had eggnog in September or March? You can't even find it on the grocery store shelves if it's not the Christmas season.

The literal meaning of eggnog is "egg inside a small cup." It's a drink traditionally served at holiday get-togethers and is typically alcoholic (although you can make or purchase nonalcoholic versions). The rich beverage contains eggs, sugar, milk and some sort of alcohol.

Eggnog evolved from a hot British drink known as "posset," consisting of eggs, milk and ale or wine. Depending on the locale, the alcohol in the drink varies. In the South, most people drink their eggnog with bourbon. In other places, you might find eggnog with rum or brandy.

Today it's so ubiquitous, you can find all sorts of eggnog -- dairy-free, soy-based, fat-free, you name it.