Holiday Season Menus

The Holiday Season is a fast paced time of year filled with parties, shopping and decorating. Prepare yourself this season by taking a look at the articles in this section. Learn about classic traditions to just plain making the holidays simple.


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Cuneiform Cookies Just in Time for the Holidays!

Tired of those same old sugar cookies pressed into the same old snowman shape? Why not do some old-school baking this year? As in Sumerian old school.

Holiday Hostess Recipes

From trick or treat candy bar cupcakes to Greek stuffing, the Holiday Hostesses have you covered with their delicious holiday recipes.

Fourth of July Favorites

The Fourth of July is a holiday celebrating the America's independence from Great Britain. And like most American holidays, we like to celebrate with food and lots of it.

Symbolic Chinese New Year Foods

Symbolic foods are an integral part of the festivities surrounding Chinese New Year, the most important holiday on the Chinese calendar.

Ringing in the New Year: Toasting 101

Coming up with the right words to ring in the new year isn't as difficult as it might seem. What things do you need to keep in mind when composing a New Year's toast that your friends and family won't forget?

How to Make the Perfect Holiday Punch

A festive, fruity punch or some delicious spiced eggnog can really bring a party together, but how can you prepare the perfect holiday punch for your party?

10 Budget-friendly Cocktail Hors d'Oeuvres

If you're throwing a cocktail party, the biggest part of your budget goes toward the cocktails. After you buy the liquor, wine and beer, how can you make do with minimal funds for food? We've got some ideas.

Cocktail Parties on a Budget

Throwing a memorable cocktail party doesn't have to be a costly celebration. Try these tips for planning the perfect party without breaking your budget.

10 Quick-fix Holiday Brunches

At brunch, you should be sipping a Bloody Mary, not toiling over a hot stove. When the extended family is in town for the holidays, you might feel pressure to host a big to-do. These themes are heavy on creativity and light on effort.

How to Throw a Holiday Grilling Party

Even though most people host a traditional holiday meal with the roasted turkey and all the trimmings, some people shun tradition in favor of doing something a little different. Try the grill instead of the oven for a unique holiday dinner this year.

Holiday Leftovers: Disguised?

When you finish with your holiday meal, you stick all the leftovers in the refrigerator to make turkey sandwiches for days on end. But what's fun about the same food over and over again? Do something different with your turkey and trimmings.

How to Host a Holiday Potluck

With some planning and organization, you can host a holiday potluck that shows your guests' cooking prowess as well as your hospitality to advantage.

International Holiday Foods

These international holiday foods will take you on a spin around the culinary world during the holidays. Get global and take a gander at some international holiday foods.

Holiday Dessert Pictures

A lavish feast isn't complete without the perfect dessert. Shock your taste buds and your friends with a creative twist on a classic recipe. Check out these unique ways to turn boring into bold.

5 Extravagant Holiday Meals Out on the Town

If you find yourself traveling this holiday season, or you just don't feel like cooking a full, traditional holiday meal, then pack up the family and set out for one of these delicious restaurants to celebrate instead.

5 International Holiday Meals

We often associate holidays with food. But which food depends on where you live. What do people eat in Japan, Germany and other countries during the holidays?

Which holiday food is the worst for my body and why?

Every fall, dieters, amateur nutritionists and healthy eaters everywhere start putting together a battle plan for surviving the holiday onslaught of great-tasting but bad-for-you foods. Have you come up with your plan yet?

How to Cook a Perfect Holiday Ham

If you're a holiday traditionalist at the dinner table, you're likely to have a turkey and a ham for the meat lovers. You could go the easy route and buy a pre-cooked ham, but where's the fun in that? Make your holiday ham your own.

5 Holiday Cooking Tips: How to Save Time and Money

Cooking elaborate holiday meals takes time and money. What are five simple tips to help you save on both while still whipping up a feast to remember?

Holiday Table Settings Pictures

It's time to deck the halls -- and the table. Amaze your family and friends with a beautiful and elegant table setting. Check out these amazing ideas to help you decorate your table during the holiday season.

10 Must-have Staples for Holiday Baking

What could possibly make up for winter's biting chill and dark, short days? Holiday baked goods, of course! If you intend to fill your kitchen with heaps of cookies and stacks of cakes, you better have these ingredients stocked.

5 Popular International Holiday Baked Goods

If you're looking for a holiday treat to wow a crowd, think beyond snowman-shaped sugar cookies. These baked goods from around the globe are decadent, eye-catching and steeped in history.

Time-saving Holiday Cooking Tips

The rigors of holiday cooking can easily leave you trapped at the stove while your guests enjoy catching up or watching the game. What can you do to save time at the store and in the kitchen?

It's All in the Presentation: Holiday Baked Goods Pictures

The fun begins when your delicious treats come out of the oven. Bakers really get to display their baking muscle by designing creative and unique food displays. It's all in the presentation! Check out these simple and elegant presentation tips.

How to Have a Gluten-free Holiday

A merry holiday season for most people includes indulging in baked goods and traditional recipes with all the trimmings. If you're on a gluten-free diet, though, enjoying holiday fare can be a bit more challenging.