10 Dinner Party Themes Your Guests Will Love

Movies, Books and Plays

Everyone has a favorite movie, book or play. So why not plan a dinner around yours? It certainly helps if your favorite has a strong food component, such as "Eat Pray Love," a movie which initially centers around pasta, or "Chocolat," a story about a female chocolatier.

But even if your favorite is the "Harry Potter" book series, it's not a problem. In fact, it might even be more fun. The books' butter beer, pumpkin juice, treacle tarts and cauldron cakes, just to name a few, would be fun to invent if you like to tinker in the kitchen. But you wouldn't have to do that; the series is so popular, lots of Web sites, including YumSugar.com, already created the recipes for you.

Still other movie/book/play themes -- "Casablanca," for example -- could center more around the decorations and ambience than the actual food served. With the movie playing, a sign reading Rick's Café over your dining area and classic cocktails ready upon guests' arrival, you'll be all set.

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