Top 10 Kids' Meals



Whether made at home or eaten at an Italian restaurant, spaghetti is usually a crowd pleaser. The tomato-based sauce has a lot of potassium and lycopene, making it a healthy choice [source: Tanner-Blasiar]. Since spaghetti sauce is basically a vegetable sauce, it can be lower in fat and calories than a cream-based sauce, such as Alfredo [Tanner-Blasiar]. To add even more nutrients, try pureeing additional vegetables, such as green peppers, and throwing them into the sauce [source: Zied].

If adding meat to the mix, use lean cuts. "Drain and rinse your ground beef; even if it was a higher fat, a lot of that cooks off, but you don't want to pour the rest into the sauce," says Tanner-Blasiar.

For the pasta portion, whole-wheat pastas are a better choice than white ones [source: Zied].