10 Thanksgiving Sides No One Cares About


In the 17th century, turnips were part of both colonists and Native Americans' regular diet, and it's likely this root vegetable held an important place at the first Thanksgiving table. But that doesn't mean you need to reserve a space for it at yours.

The Pilgrims may have eaten turnips, but why should we? Let's face it; the turnip can be a tricky vegetable. If they're even a day or two past their prime, you'll wind up dining on a veggie that tastes more like a piece of wood than an appetizing holiday side. Unless you're going for an authentic Colonial Thanksgiving -- and if you are, remember that dinner didn't include sugar -- leave this one off the table.

One other thing to consider about turnips: Thanksgiving isn't just about the actual meal, it's about the leftovers. Have you ever heard of anyone getting excited about the prospect of leftover turnips? Neither have we.

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