Thanksgiving Menus

This Thanksgiving bring in the harvest for a delicious holiday feast. Read about scrumptious appetizers that you can prepare as you tell your kids all that they ever wanted to know about the first Thanksgiving.


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Why Turkey Fryers Explode

Thanksgiving Day is No. 1 for cooking fire accidents, and turkey fryers are a big part of the problem. Here's why, scientifically speaking.

Thanksgiving Pictures and Recipes

Need some inspiration for your next Thanksgiving spread? Check out our photos and recipes of the most popular holiday meal mainstays.

10 Thanksgiving Sides No One Cares About

Thanksgiving is just as much about the sides as it is about the turkey, but many of the traditional holiday favorites are less than popular. Save yourself from ample amounts of unwanted leftovers by nixing these sides from your Turkey Day table.

5 Tips for Dealing With Turkey Day Drama

Feuding family members, an overcrowded house and the pressure of preparing a multicourse meal can lead to conflicts on Thanksgiving. Instead of dreading the holidays, try these tips to head off Turkey Day drama before it happens.

Thanksgiving for Two: Your Perfect Menu

Thanksgiving is normally a holiday filled with numerous guests, ample amounts of food and more than a little family drama. But when there's just two of you on Turkey Day, you have to plan things a little differently.

10 International Dishes for Your Thanksgiving Spread

Turkey and stuffing are delicious traditional Thanksgiving dishes, but sometimes it's refreshing to vary the requisite menu to include international fare.

Planning a Gluten-free Thanksgiving

If you're forced to cut gluten out of your diet, holidays like Thanksgiving can seem pretty bland. But for those with celiac disease, there are several substitutions you can make to keep Thanksgiving fare delicious, familiar and festive.

Turkey-free Thanksgivings

Ben Franklin may have regarded turkey as an honorable bird, but many folks don't think it's much of a palatable meal. Your Thanksgiving protein doesn't have to be a snoozer, so skip the tryptophan and mix it up a little.

10 Things You Can Do Right Now to Prep for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Day can be the stuff of memories, and cooks everywhere plan their menus carefully, plot out their seating arrangements and strategize their approach to dinner. What can you do to make your feast a success?

Fake or Make? What to Buy and What to Make Yourself for Thanksgiving

You don't normally cook for 12 (or 20) -- which is why Thanksgiving can seem so stressful. You could opt to buy some of the menu items, but will people be able to tell? We've got some clever solutions to help you cover your tracks this year.

10 Tips for Thanksgiving Newbies

If this is your first time wearing the Thanksgiving hostess hat, don't obsess. Consider it a rite of passage and tackle the challenge with gusto -- or at least try to keep your terror under control. These 10 tips will help.

Top 5 Thanksgiving Sides That Won't Pack on the Pounds

Thanksgiving Day activities typically revolve around one thing: eating. Wouldn't it be nice if at least some of that delicious food wasn't completely loaded with calories? Try out these five healthy dishes for your spread.

What's the average cost of a Thanksgiving meal?

The traditional Thanksgiving menu in the United States generally consists of a few staple items and then variations of dishes, depending on the family traditions that are observed.

How to Cook the Perfect Turkey

Cooking a turkey is a huge job for any chef. Just the size of the bird itself can be intimidating, not to mention all of the horror stories associated with the ghosts of ruined turkeys past. But it's easier than ever to cook the perfect bird.

The Perfect Thanksgiving Turkey Pictures

Thanksgiving is all about spending time with your family and friends, but having a tasty turkey doesn't hurt! Learn how to make the perfect Thanksgiving turkey.

Tales of the Turkey: Catastrophes, Jokes and More

Bringing a 15-pound bird into your house and cooking it for a high-pressure feast can be a recipe for disaster. What are some tips to avoid catastrophe?

Cornucopia Pictures

The cornucopia, or the horn of plenty, is a common centerpiece displayed on the Thanksgiving table. Our cornucopia album will awe and inspire you to create your own traditional piece of holiday harvest décor.

How to Streamline Thanksgiving Dinner Cleanup

Thanksgiving is a time to enjoy the company of family and friends and to express gratitude for the year's accomplishments. Don't let the after-dinner dishes put a damper on your holiday.

Kid-friendly Thanksgiving Foods 101

Bring the holiday down to their size with familiar favorites and kid-sized versions of traditional Thanksgiving dishes.

10 Ways to Reuse Your Thanksgiving Leftovers

Instead of simply reheating your leftovers for a second Thanksgiving dinner, getting creative can turn your leftovers into new family favorites.

5 Scrumptious Thanksgiving Appetizers

The turkey needs 40 more minutes in the oven, and your guests won't stop harassing you in the kitchen. How do you buy some time? Pass around some cocktails and stave off their hunger pangs with some of these appetizers.

Thanksgiving Dinner on a Budget 101

The holiday season is all about excess. But in this financial climate, simple meals and decor can seem tastefully elegant instead of Dickensian. This year, it's de rigueur to forgo the fancy spread and get back to basics.

Top 5 Ways Your Kids Can Help with Thanksgiving Dinner

You're up at dawn on Thanksgiving, yanking the gizzards out of the turkey. A few hours later, your kids join you in the kitchen. They're excited -- and underfoot. Here are some ways you can put them to work.

Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade Balloon Pictures

The Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade is an annual holiday tradition that began in 1924. The parade's massive balloons, floats and celebrity appearances grow each year. Check out these fantastic pictures of the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade!

How to Go Vegetarian on Thanksgiving

The turkey may be the central figure on the Thanksgiving table, but there are plenty of side items that outdo the cooked bird. In fact, who really needs that bird at all?