10 Thanksgiving Sides No One Cares About


Besides turkeys, nothing may signify Thanksgiving more than cranberries. We tend to consume these little fruits in everything from breads to sauces on Turkey Day, but how many of us look forward to eating them? We grew up enduring cranberries on Thanksgiving, as did our parents, so many of us feel obligated to bring them out each November.

However, being guilted into serving a food isn't the best reason to include it on your menu. Cranberries are tart, and they don't always correlate well with the sweet and savory flavors featured in a typical Thanksgiving spread. It doesn't matter what type of cranberry concoction you've decided to make, whether it's cranberry orange salad, cranberry horseradish relish or simply opening up a can of jellied cranberry sauce and dumping it onto a plate, don't be surprised if you have most of it left over after dinner has ended. So save yourself some time, trouble and much-needed space in the refrigerator by nixing this side dish from your holiday table.