10 Winter Vegetables Grilled to Perfection


For an exotic and delicious alternative to everyday vegetable dishes, try serving grilled artichokes at your next family gathering. While many people have tried artichokes in some form, serving them grilled will provide an entirely new taste experience for your guests. Artichokes are rich in fiber and vitamin C, and offer a unique flavor that works well with many types of dishes.

Start by trimming the top and bottom stems, then slice the artichoke down the center. Remove the tough fibrous center, known as the choke. Coat the cut side of the artichoke with vinegar or lemon to prevent browning or discoloration during cooking. Brush with butter or olive oil, and grill for 10 to 20 minutes per side, laying each section directly onto the grill surface. Artichokes should be slightly firm but not tough, so alter your cooking time as needed to adjust the texture. Serve with melted butter or lemon wedges to complement the artichoke's natural flavor [source: Grilling Tips.com].

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