5 Recipes Using Cream of Mushroom Soup

Cream of mushroom soup is great on its own or as part of a tasty recipe. See more health soup pictures.
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Soup: it's warm, delicious and soothes your body on cold winter days. But not all soups are solely destined for a bowl and spoon. Some transcend the traditional to make their way into a variety of delectable dishes.

Cream of mushroom soup has been bringing together hearty comfort food for decades. It really took off -- and became a pantry staple -- when The Campbell Soup Company introduced its canned, condensed version in 1934. Today cream of mushroom soup is still one of the company's bestselling products, probably because it's so versatile and so convenient to use. If you've got a can of it, you're already halfway to creating any number of belly-pleasing meals.

Cream of mushroom soup is probably best known for its starring role in the holiday favorite green bean casserole, or the weeknight tuna noodle casserole or beef stroganoff. Some people use it to make meatloaf, and others use it as gravy for their pork chops. Here we'll share five fresh ways to incorporate one of America's favorite ingredients into delicious homemade meals. Did you know you can use it in cold dishes like the one on our next page?