5 Tips for Saving Fresh Tomatoes

Freeze 'Em

Tomatoes hold onto their nutritional value and flavor when they're frozen. If you have extras, go ahead and freeze them immediately after bringing them home. All you need to do to prepare them is take the core out using a knife or corer. That way, the tomatoes will be easier to peel after they've been defrosted. Of course, you don't have to keep them whole. You can also slice, puree or cut them into chunks. Just make sure each section is separated by wax paper.

Often, tomato-growers have unripened crop left on the vines when the weather starts to turn chilly. You don't have to call it a day on your green tomatoes -- stick them in the freezer to save them from the cold! Simply pick and slice them, then separate the individual slices with freezer paper and keep them on ice until you're ready to turn them into something delicious. May we suggest fried green tomatoes or green tomato pie?