Food Storage Tips

jars for food storage
Jars make good food storage containers.

Foods with proper storage keep longer and taste better, whether on a shelf, in a cupboard, or inside a refrigerator. With a few helpful tips, your foods can last longer, too.

Check out these useful tips about food storage to help preserve the items in your kitchen.


Storage and Expiration Dates

You want your food to stay fresh and delicious as long as possible. Find handy tips for buying and storing meat, milk, cheese, and other perishables.

How to Store Brown Sugar

Read some sweet advice about keeping your brown sugar soft and usable.

How to Store Vinegar

No need to get sour! Learn more about vinegar and the best way to store it.

Storage Containers: Jars

Jars are great for storage, but sometimes the lids just won't cooperate. Learn how to get out of a sticky situation and open jar lids with ease.

How to Store Berries

Handle with care! Berries need extra attention when they're purchased and stored.

How to Ship Edible Gifts

Make sure your sweet treats arrive in one piece with this list of handy tips.

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