Top 10 Creative Cake Decorating Techniques


Forget the Photo Printing

Following the trend of photo mugs that say "World's Best Dad" is the photo cake: a cake topped with an edible photo print. And while it's a clever idea, the finished product doesn't always look as good as the original snapshot. But with the same concept, you can do so much more than plunk your vacation pics on top of your cake. With edible paper (and similarly edible ink) you can do everything from adding embellishments to planning an elaborate design.

These thin sheets of translucent paper are made from rice or potato starch. You can write on them with pens filled with food coloring, or you can print on them using your printer -- as long as your cartridges are full of edible ink. Depending on what kind you're using, the paper will either melt into the frosting or stay on the surface of the cake.

You can find all these supplies online or at baking supply shops.