10 Must-haves for Baking a Cake

To make a show-stopping confection like a red velvet cake, you're going to need a fully stocked kitchen. See more pictures of modern cakes.

You probably already know how to bake a cake. Most of us have had to whip up one for some occasion or another. But, as many novice confectioners have found, cake baking is a fickle art. Unless you're prepared for any and all eventualities, a three-tiered masterpiece can quickly turn into bittersweet disaster.

Don't worry, we've sorted through the overabundance of cake-baking supplies on today's market and compiled a list of 10 must-haves for baking a cake. We'll remind you of some basic (but often forgotten) necessities you probably haven't thought about since home ec class. These fantastic cake-saving aids will come in handy the next time your layered masterpiece or frosted tower starts to crumble.

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