10 Must-haves for Baking a Cake

Emergency Supplies

Accidents happen. It doesn't matter if you're a novice baker or a seasoned competitor on "Ultimate Cake Off," you need to be prepared when disaster strikes in your kitchen. Luckily, unless your cake collapsed or is lying bottom-up on the floor, you can probably fix the problem with the right supplies -- namely, extra frosting and some toothpicks.

Extra frosting can help repair or cover up damage caused by a crumbling base. It will also steady a slipping layer. You can pile on more icing if the baked layers aren't even or aren't as tasty as you intended and you need to add some extra flavor. Toothpicks can be used for many of the same purposes -- sans extra flavor, of course -- just be sure to remove them before serving or you may have another, more serious emergency on your hands.

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