Brunch and Breakfast Tips

Breakfast Tips

Prepare grab-and-go breakfast options like yogurt parfait.
Prepare grab-and-go breakfast options like yogurt parfait.
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Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. But for most modern families, it's also the most impromptu. Come morning, we're either skipping breakfast altogether or scrambling for anything that's fast and portable.

Usually it's something sweet, high in fat, and full of empty calories -- nothing that can give you the nutritional edge of a balanced breakfast.

To keep breakfast from turning into a morning snack marathon, you need to be proactive. Follow these five easy strategies to help make breaking the fast really fast at your house!

  1. Make breakfast a regular, non-negotiable part of everyone's morning routine. Set aside a specific block of time and resist the temptation to keep hitting that snooze button!
  2. Plan breakfast. The time to think about what's for breakfast is not the moment you're about to make a mad dash out the door. Stock up on easy, flavorful, healthy foods that are quick to fix. Put breakfast foods within easy reach, so they're accessible for even the youngest-and shortest-members of the family.
  3. Before going to bed, set out bowls, spoons, dried fruit, and sandwich bags filled with cold cereal. Fill a child-friendly pitcher with milk and put in on the lowest shelf of the fridge. The kids can serve themselves.
  4. Breakfast is a real no-brainer when it's already ready. Always have some hard-cooked eggs on hand in the refrigerator. Or put oatmeal and boiling water in a stainless-steel lined thermos, leaving at least an inch at the top. Seal and let stand overnight for a creamy, hot, ready-to-eat or take-along treat.
  5. Leave nothing to chance or chances are someone will sneak out without breakfast. Provide plenty of options already divided into pre-packed, single-size servings for everyone to grab and go.

If your family skips the morning meal because the usual foods just don't appeal to them, think outside the cereal box:

  • Reheat leftovers
  • Try a slice of cold pizza
  • Blend fruit and yogurt into smoothies
  • Fill a cored apple with peanut butter and raisins to create a walking salad
  • Put scrambled eggs in a pita pocket to eat neatly on-the-go
  • Take veggies and hummus for your commute

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