Food Storage Tips

How to Store Brown Sugar

Brown sugar
Even if brown sugar turns hard, there are easy ways to soften it up.
Matteo Pescarin

Q. How can I keep my brown sugar from hardening after the bag or box is opened?

A. To avoid dried-out and hardened brown sugar, store it in a cool area in a covered and airtight container once the box or bag has been opened.

One way to soften hard sugar is to place a fresh apple slice, the peel of half a lemon, or a slice of bread in the sugar overnight. The sugar will absorb the moisture from the apple, lemon, or bread and rehydrate, making it soft again.


For an even quicker fix, remove the hardened brown sugar from the package and place it on a baking pan. Place it in a 225°F oven until soft, about 10 minutes. (Use caution, because the sugar will become very hot.)

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