Food Storage Tips

Food Storage Containers: Jars

Jar of honey
Sticky lids on honey jars can be difficult to open, but that's nothing a little non-stick spray can't help.
Mateusz Atroszko

Q. Is there anything I can do to make opening a jar of honey or jam easier?

A. To make sure bottles or jars open easily, clean the top and cap, then spray a little nonstick cooking spray onto the top, and into the threads of the cap. The top should come right off.

It also helps to give the jar lid a little tap along the sides against a counter-top or on the floor. (Be careful not to tap too hard though -- you don't want to crack the jar or scratch your mother's counter!) 


A rubber grip is also be a handy and thrifty solution for opening jars. They usually come in a small circle or square that you place on top of the jar to help you grip the lid while you twist. You can find them in the kitchen section of a grocery store, drug store or in a kitchen supplies store.

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