Dessert Recipes Channel

Desserts are usually the last impression that your guests will have about a particular meal, so make your desserts really count. Learn how to make some of the most delightful desserts you've ever tasted.

Brownies generally use chocolate as the main ingredient, because honestly, who can pass up a batch of yummy Triple Chocolate Brownies or White Chocolate Chunk Brownies. Try our fudge and caramel brownie recipes too.

Cakes can be a wedding centerpiece, a friendly welcome to the neighborhood or even adorned with pink icing and 16 candles. Any way you slice it, cakes are a crowd favorite.

Cupcakes help to make cake more portable, either in a packed lunch or just the right size for little toddler hands in need of a quick jolt of sugar.

Candy recipes span the culinary gamut - from the quick and easy Chocolate Crispies to the much more involved Chocolate Lace Bowl with Truffles Dipped Fruit. We have them all the best candy recipes for you to try at home.

Cheesecakes are the ultimate desserts. Whether it's topped with strawberries, sprinkled with nuts, covered with caramel, mixed with fudge or just served plain, cheesecake is always delicious.

Cobblers & Crisps can brighten any day and fill any stomach, especially if ice cream is scooped on top. See how to make a delicious Peach Cobbler, a tasty Apple Crisp and much, much more.

Compotes & Fondue can put a zing in your desserts. Learn how to prepare an amazing Strawberries with Honeyed Yogurt Sauce that will make your sweet tooth sing for joy.

Cookie Bars are the perfect treat for parties and big events because they have all the variety of cakes without the mess of big slices. Cookie Bars make entertaining easier.

Cookies can brighten even the darkest day. Some cookies are best served hot out of the oven so that they're still soft and gooey while others taste better when they're crunchy or filled with nuts or fruits.

Custards & Puddings are thick, creamy desserts that look and taste very similar. However, custards typically use eggs to give them a thicker consistency while puddings use starch.

Frosting & Icing are sweet, sugary mixtures that can fill or cover cakes and other desserts. They are essentially the same thing, and cooks in different kitchens use the two terms interchangeably.

Fruit Desserts, as the name implies, incorporate a specific fruit or combination of complementary fruits to give a unique taste. Fruit desserts can be very healthy.

Ice Cream & Sorbets work just as well to help cool down a hot summer day as they do to chill a slice of hot apple pie. Sorbets are generally lighter desserts than ice cream, and both will satisfy your sweet tooth.

Mousse is a creamy, rich dessert with a thick texture and strong flavor. Chocolate mousse is by far the most popular, but try our other recipes, including Lemon Mousse and Peach Melba Mousse.

Pies & Tarts distinguish themselves based on the fruits that are added. Most pies and tarts have a creamier layer underneath the fruit topping.

Puffs & Pastries are crispy bread desserts that are fairly similar to pies and tarts, but generally lighter and fluffier.

Trifles & Parfaits are wonderful desserts that blend yogurt or cream fillings with fruits, nuts and other toppings. Parfaits are usually served in a tall single glass while trifles tend to be served in larger bowls for groups.