Drink Recipes Channel

Drinks are an important part of any party or entertaining. The right amount and selection of drinks makes sure that everyone has a good time.

Cider can warm up the coldest of nights or provide the centerpiece to chill out at a casual get together.

Cocktails can be tricky, so learn from these recipes to impress your friends with a few new drinks to keep the party going.

Cocoa can be a nice way to end an evening with family and friends. Try these cocoa recipes to really warm things up.

Coffee & Tea come in all colors and flavors and can be brewed or roasted. Each blend can put the cap on a great party or provide the perfect communal drink just to sit and talk.

Coolers & Spritzers can turn even the hottest day into a relaxing oasis. Learn how to make and enjoy coolers like the Frozen Rainbow Bubbler.

Everyone serves Punch at parties, but to really punch it up, try some of these unusual punch recipes like our Creamy Fruit Freeze or a Sunny Citrus Float.

Shakes & Smoothies can be a healthy alternative to breakfast or brunch. Add your favorite fruits and shake up an exciting and light meal.