10 Great Snack Ideas for the Beach

Fresh Fruit

Nothing can be easier to prepare and serve than the simplest of fresh fruits. As a bonus, fresh fruit is about the healthiest snack can get. And most fruits won't make you thirsty.

You don't want to have to deal with much preparation once you're at the beach, so stick to the basics. Apples are great -- they come in their own package, after all. Just wash them before you stow them in the beach bag. Bananas are almost as easy. Just make sure to dispose of the peels properly.

Seedless grapes -- washed ahead of time and packed into a bag or other container -- also work well. And you can freeze them for an extra cool, refreshing treat.

If you have picky eaters in your party who don't want whole apples, slice the apples ahead of time and pack the slices with a little lemon juice so they won't turn brown.

If you're not taking a cooler to the beach, pack small plastic bags of ice to keep your grapes or apple slices cool and refreshing.

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