10 Great Snack Ideas for the Beach


If you want a filling snack, sandwiches are always a popular choice. But for a day at the beach, you need to be a little creative. Regular bread can get soggy before it's eaten. Also, smaller is better, so there's no time for the sandwich to fill up with sand as you're eating it.

Instead of using loaf bread, make sandwiches on mini-bagels, English muffins or on wraps made with whole-wheat, spinach or sun-dried tomatoes. If wraps are big, cut them in half after you've rolled them.

Keep the fillings simple. If you want tomato slices, package them separately and add them just before eating. Pickles also should wait until the last minute to avoid making the bread soggy. Unless you're using a cooler, avoid mayonnaise and other ingredients that might spoil in the heat. Peanut butter and jelly is a good choice. So is ham with mustard. Save your fancy sandwiches for other days. Simplicity rules at the beach.

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