10 Great Snack Ideas for the Beach

Burritos are a tasty and easy snack choice.
Burritos are a tasty and easy snack choice.
James Baigrie/Getty Images

Cool little burritos can be a great snack at the beach. They're tasty, easy to eat, good for you and fun.

Just take your favorite tortillas -- wheat, corn, whatever. Make sure they're soft. Mash up some canned beans or beans you've cooked ahead of time. Black beans or pinto beans can work fine. Bean dip can even work in a pinch. Spread the beans on the tortillas. If you like, add a little chopped onion, chopped green chilies, a touch of salsa or a little grated cheese. Roll the tortillas up, slice them in half and wrap them individually in foil. Just pass them around when you're ready to snack.

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