10 Pretty Ways to Use Tomatoes as Garnish


Tomato Rose

You can make this tomoto rose in just two simple steps.

The tomato rose is a classic, and better yet, it's something even a novice home chef can tackle with ease. Start with a firm tomato. It should be ripe, but just barely, because you don't want a mushy mess on your hands. You can use a tomato of nearly any size, but until carving this garnish becomes second nature, a medium-size tomato will present the easiest option. Using a really sharp knife, like a small paring knife, begin peeling the skin from the top of the tomato to the bottom -- in one long strip. If you've ever tried to peel an apple so that you have one long coil of skin when you're finished, it's the same basic principle. But, here's a trick: It's more important to keep the skin intact while peeling than it is to remove all the skin. So, if you end up with a long strip of tomato skin, you've succeeded -- even if there are still splotches of skin left behind on the tomato flesh. To fashion your tomato rose, lay the skin flesh-side down and roll it from one end to the other, tucking the end under the base to make a rose. Simple, right? You can even add fresh basil leaves to give your newly formed rose even more star power.