5 Dishes to Make Him Love You

No sneaking! See more pictures of aphrodisiac foods.

It may be true that "nothing says lovin' like something from the oven," but with guys, love is twined with respect. A dish should say "I care," but it can also say "You deserve the best, and you're man enough to handle it."

In this article, we present five ultimate Valentine's Day dishes that let a guy know how much you admire him. Of course, not every food fits every guy. The spirit counts as much as the ingredients. If your man is a vegetarian, for example, don't "surprise" him with filet mignon. Present him with a plate of artful vegetable sushi with wasabi sauce on the side. Get creative with your choices, and let him know how much consideration you've put into preparing his special dish.

Also, consider your cooking skills. If you're more adept with a menu than a meat cleaver, there are people who are paid to do that stuff. They're called caterers! Still, there are tons of recipes available online with easy directions -- so don't worry!

Our first dish gets him in touch with his inner caveman.

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