5 Dishes to Make Him Love You

Bring out the king in him with a fancy lobster dish.
Bring out the king in him with a fancy lobster dish.
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Lobster is the epitome of seafood extravagance. We suggest using lobster tail, as it's considered the choicest part. Also, dispatching a live crustacean can be traumatic if you're not used to food that has a face. A purist might prefer his baked, steamed or broiled with melted butter and lemon juice. For a guy who eats as if every meal could be his last, Lobster Newburg doubles the decadence with an egg yolk-cream sauce.

If you want to balance this self-indulgence with social responsibility, choose domestic lobster, especially spiny lobster from California, Florida and Mexico's Baja Peninsula. They're the most likely to have been harvested sustainably.

Lobster too upscale for your guy? Take him to the bayou (or go online) for alligator meat. Prepare with his favorite chicken or pork applications -- barbecued gator, perhaps, or gator Parmesan.

Next, a dessert that's not as easy as pie.

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