5 Ideas for a Quick and Light Dinner

Grilled or Baked Packets

Sometimes you have the basic ingredients for a good meal -- chicken breast, potatoes and carrots, let's say -- but you draw a complete blank on how to prepare everything. Do you grill the chicken and bake the potatoes? Steam the carrots? If you keep a roll of aluminum foil handy, you'll never torture yourself with these questions again.

Put a chicken breast and some cubed potatoes and sliced carrots on a piece of foil. Add your choice of seasoning and a splash of liquid (wine, beer, broth or water are all fine), then fold up the sides of the foil to make a packet. Make a packet for each person you're serving, then grill or bake them all at once.

You can use the packet technique with other poultry and pork, even fish and shellfish, and with no pots or pans involved in this meal, cleanup will be breeze!

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