Ultimate Guide to Wine Aerators

Using Wine Aerators

Wouldn't it be wonderful to be able to fully appreciate all the subtle flavors and smells in your red wine? Maybe you've never understoo­d other people when they've said they can taste blackberry and a hint of honey in their red wine. A wine aerator could finally bring your taste buds to life! You won't have to be left off the bandwagon. But now you want to make sure you use the wine aerator properly to get the best results with your new wine toy.

Wine aerators are available at any wine store, and the aeration process isn't very complicated. First, open the bottle with a corkscrew. Then pour the bottle directly into the aerator. Make sure you have your wine glass below the aerator. If you want to use a decanter before you pour it into your glass, you can choose to do that too [source: Robertson].

There are a few different styles of aerators, though, so make sure you check out all of the possibilities before you decide. Some aerators have multiple tiers to ensure proper aeration, some are electronic and inserted directly into the bottle, and others are shaped like sea creatures and attach to the mouth of the decanter while you pour into your glass.

By now, your Uncle Chuck would be very proud of you. He probably wants you to tell your parents about these tricks to make their wine taste better, so he'll enjoy his wine better at the next holiday party. Don't forget to impress your new neighbors with your aerating skills! Let's toast to a better tasting wine.

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