10 International Dishes Perfect for Summer

Can you guess which country's flag this salad represents? Hint: It's what's know as a tricolore salad. See more cool foods and drinks pictures.

Who wants to spend hours standing over a hot stove or sitting down to a loaded plate full of heavy food when the pool and the ballpark are calling? And mounds of macaroni and cheese tend to reappear in unflattering ways under summery, tell-it-like-it-is attire.

Fortunately, there's a world of options for refreshing summer fare in international cuisine. Most of the recipes here were cooked up in balmy regions, and we'll focus on foods that hit their peak in summer in the United States. Some require little face time in the kitchen. A few don't even require an oven.

We've ordered these dishes as you might serve them, from appetizers to sides to main course. It's a 10-course buffet on us, starting with a choice of soups.