10 Things Your Barista Doesn't Want You to Know

Your Favorite Drinks are Loaded With Calories

If you drink black coffee or coffee with low fat milk, you don't need to worry much about calorie intake. But if you regularly spoil yourself with some of the fancier coffee beverages, you might want to take a closer look at the calorie count. Any beverages with whole milk, whipped cream or flavored syrups will have a lot of calories:

  • A McDonald's large mocha has 400 calories.
  • The Venti White Chocolate Mocha at Starbucks contains 580 calories.
  • A Dunkin' Donuts frozen cappuccino with whole milk has a whopping 610 calories.

So remember to treat those high-calorie coffee drinks as dessert -- not something you eat every day, but delicious on occasion. For your daily cup of joe, opt for skim milk and "just say no" to whipped cream and flavored sugary syrups.