10 Things Your Barista Doesn't Want You to Know

It Makes Them Sad When You Don't Tip

Many people feel resentful when they see a tip jar at the coffee shop. "Why should I tip someone for doing his job?" they think. "It's not like he brought the drink to my table or anything." Baristas, of course, make the counter argument: "Well, you tip your bartender, don't you? So why wouldn't you tip your barista?"

The majority of baristas count on tips to supplement their salaries. And a great barista will make you a great coffee. It's an art -- how finely to grind the beans, the milk-to-foam ratio, how hard to tamp the grinds, and also how to make those cool designs in the latte foam. Shouldn't all that hard work be rewarded? If you're torn about whether or not to tip your barista, ask yourself the following questions: Did he or she put a lot of work into the drink? Did the barista provide excellent service? If the answers are "yes," then go ahead and tip -- especially if you're a regular at the shop. It never hurts to be known as a good tipper.