Family Menus

The Family channel is a collection of menus that the whole family will enjoy. In this section see how the kids can help you in the kitchen and check out what the Gosselins are doing for dinner.

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10 Allergenic Foods to Avoid

You may not like beans, but eating them probably won't kill you. On the other hand, your best friend has to avoid wheat like the plague. What are some of the most common allergenic foods?

What foods are good for a child's brain?

What foods do children crave? That's a no-brainer. But what kinds of foods (that they'll actually eat) nurture their gray matter?

Table Manners 101

If your elbows creep onto the table or you hijack the salt and pepper as it's being passed to one of your dinner companions, you're breaking etiquette. Sounds like you need to learn some manners.

How to Develop a Child's Palate

Kids normally outgrow their narrow eating habits, but that doesn't mean their picky taste doesn't frustrate their parents while it lasts. What are some good ways to help coax a child out of a food rut?

10 Best Snacks for Kids

You want the best for you child -- that includes the best snacks. These healthy treats will satisfy and nourish your little ones. Snack confidently!

10 Superfoods for Kids

A nutritious and balanced diet is the most important thing to ensure that your child has a head start toward a healthy life. But which are the best? And which ones will they actually eat?

10 Swanky Lunch Plans

If you're looking for fine cuisine, a school lunch cafeteria might not be the first place that comes to mind. But these schools are serving up cauliflower bisque and offering taste-testing with artisan cheesemakers.

10 Worst School Lunch Menu Items

As obesity rates in children and teenagers continue to rise, many school districts are trying to combat the problem with healthier options in the cafeteria. But the worst items can still be found in many schools.

How to Pack a Healthy Lunch

Lunch at work doesn't need to be dull or unhealthy -- it just takes some planning. With careful planning, you can avoid fast food, vending machines, or a sandwich you put together at the last minute. Learn how to pack a healthy lunch you'll look forward to eating.

Simple Ways Kids Can Cook

Sometimes, your child may have to make their own meal if you're not around to prepare one for them. Without asking them to use the stove, you can give your kids simple ways to cook for themselves. Learn easy meal preparation techniques for kids.