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How to Use a Food Processor

Use a food processor to easily grate, chop, slice, and more.
Natalia Bratslavsky
Q. Do food processors typically come with a variety of blades, or do I have to purchase the blades separately?

The food processor is the perfect kitchen tool for grating cheeses, chopping herbs, slicing vegetables, and even making bread dough.

Food processors are available in a few different sizes and come with a variety of attachments. The most common attachments are a very sharp metal blade used for chopping and pureeing; metal slicing disks; metal shredding disks; and a plastic dough blade used for mixing and kneading dough.


Q. What should I consider when shopping for a food processor?

A. When purchasing a food processor, consider the types and amounts of food you will be processing. If you intend to knead heavy or stiff bread doughs, or crush ice often, you will need a processor with a heavy-duty motor.

Q. Is a food processor difficult to operate?

A. No, food processors are actually easy-to-use appliances. The switch on a food processor has an "On" setting and a "Pulse" setting. Turning the switch to the "On" position will turn the processor on and keep it running until you turn it off. The "Pulse" setting, however, will keep the processor running only as long as you hold the switch in position. Using an on/off pulsing action results in more even chopping of light foods, such as fresh herbs or garlic, because it allows the food to fall back onto the blade. It is also helpful when processing foods that can liquefy if processed too long, such as celery and onions.

Q. Are food processors easy to clean?

A. Yes, food processors are easy to clean, if you follow these tips. To clean the metal blade or metal disks, it is best to wash them carefully by hand. A few trips through the dishwasher can dull their sharp cutting edges. For easy cleanup of sticky foods, such as cheese, spray the blade or shredding disk with nonstick cooking spray before using.

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