10 Mind-blowing Alcohol Facts

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Wasted Bread Is Being Brewed Into Craft Beer

Wasted Bread Is Being Brewed Into Craft Beer

Toast Ale is on a quest to reduce food waste and make craft beer while they're at it. Learn about how wasted bread is being turned into craft beer.

Author's Note: 10 Mind-blowing Alcohol Facts

It's odd to be writing about alcohol, since I very seldom drink anymore. When I was a young I worked in the newspaper business, where being able to hold your liquor once was considered a skill as integral to rising in the profession as being able to scribble pithy quotes into a notepad at a crime scene and then dictate a front-page story in 30 minutes from a pay-phone booth. I was never too good at that last part, but I tried to make up for it by closing down my share of smoke-filled bars and after-hours, as I tried to soak up whatever wisdom sprang from the boozy lips of my journalistic mentors, or maybe pick up a tip uttered by some inebriated lawyer, cop or politician.

But for me at least, that world vanished long ago, replaced by one in which I rise early, sit down at a computer in my living room to make Skype calls and pound out a seemingly endless stream of blog posts, tweets and articles for various websites. Given my workload, extra-strong Vietnamese coffee is the only mood-altering substance that I can afford to ingest. If I ever get the chance to retire, though, maybe I'll start drinking again.

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