10 Foods We Love to Hate

Liver in your strudel? Organ-stuffed pastry is probably one food you and your toddler can agree to dislike. Think you know your food? Test your skills with this image gallery.

"What is that? Why are you eating it? How are you eating it without a 50,000-foot pole?"

Picky toddlers with advanced verbal skills? More like adults with serious food prejudices. While not quite as finicky as those of 3-year-olds, full-grown taste buds have some strong opinions -- and some aren't even based on taste. Sometimes, they're carried over from childhood.

Sometimes, food hate comes from a different place entirely.

Everyone's food preferences are different, of course, but there are some distastes that, if not universal, at least have a pretty wide following. Here, 10 of the foods we love to hate and suggestions on how we might get past a few of our culinary prejudices.

We'll begin with a great piece of bait. What did this little fish ever do to you anyways?