5 Easy Family Style Chinese Meals

These recipes are too easy not to at least try!
These recipes are too easy not to at least try!

We're all guilty of it. It's late in the day, you forgot to take out anything to defrost for dinner, and you're simply running out of time. It seems your only options are a bowl of cereal or some take-out. Good thing you've got your local Chinese restaurant on speed dial and the menu memorized by now.

Ever since Chinese immigrants first began serving wok-cooked food to Western miners and railroad workers in the 19th century, Asian cuisine has been a big hit in the United States. Even though Chinese food in the U.S. was tweaked a bit for Western palettes, still it retained much of its original flavors and ingredients that remain popular today.

But it's time to leave your neighborhood Chinese joint behind, because Chinese cuisine is as easy to prepare at home and is a great way to serve up healthy dinners for your family. Whether you're a rookie with the fortune cookie or a veteran of the wok, you'll enjoy trying out these five easy-to-prepare family-style Chinese meals.